Rug Doctor® Rental

Whether you are spring cleaning your chalet or clearing up after a party, the Rug Doctor is your essential tool for improving and maintaining carpet quality and finish.

Rug Doctor® is the No1.brand in carpet care machine rentals. Easy to use it will allow you a deep clean of your carpet and to have a fresher home. Thanks to a spray extraction system, it sprays a mix of water and cleaning product deep inside the fibres. Then a powerful vacuum removes the waste of the cleaning solution.

Our Product is a detergent stain remover for rug and carpet cleaning and fabrics renovator specially intended for synthetic fibre and wool. Non foaming and efficient against all sorts of stains.

  • You can use it to clean :
    • Rugs
    • Carpets
    • Couches/sofas
    • Car seats
    • Furniture fabrics

Our daily rental charge is €50 ht per day. Delivery can be arranged according to requirements. Reservation essential – please contact us by email

Included with your Rug Doctor® hire is a litre of professional cleaning product and the hand held accessories.

Rug Doctor®