Laundry Service

Whether you operate a Hotel, Chalet, an Agency or you are a private individual, you will all have a common interest – that is you want your laundry when you need it and it needs to be of a high quality. The whole team at Loca-Linge prides itself on first class service, organisation and customer care. We promise to look after your linen!

  • We professionally launder, linen and towels as well as table linen for :
    • Hotels
    • Guest houses
    • Restaurants
    • Chalets and apartments
    • Private individuals

  • We also treat duvets, bedspreads, blankets, etc., for professionals or individuals.

  • Collection and delivery service available.

We wash all linen in a controlled environment where programme types, temperature and washing products are closely controlled using modern machines and systems. We use various size machines depending on load quantity to ensure greater control of your linen. Each customer’s laundry is treated separately so as not to be mixed.

Our state of the art ironing machines produces a high quality iron, with precise folds and an unbeatable finish.

Towels are dried in professional dryers and then folded by hand, once again allowing better quality control.

You can therefore relax and entrust your laundry to us, we will take good care of it. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Collection / Delivery

We offer our customers a personalized service, we will pick up from any prearranged address, whether that be at home or work. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.